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About us

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About us & how this website blossomed

My wife and Myself are highly educated and we wanted to become entrepreneurs but we had a lot of unanswered questions and nobody to guide us from the outset.

We tried several businesses we had no leads, tried positioning products into supermarkets,tried Import/export, tried Restaurant startups and several franchises but our quest for questions remained unanswered.

We tried some of the popular sites but it didn’t serve our purpose so we jointly conceptualized this website with the hope that other users and entrepreneurs could benefit from the comfort of their home and Internet access.

We would like to expand the availability of consultants across the globe to exchange and guide users on all areas around the clock. QuestionBrain would help budding entrepreneurs and common users across the globe on timely advice and help in any situation by either directly chatting with experts or by exchanging messages with them to close down your quench for information.

QuestionBrain includes 100s of categories and hopes to continue expanding with the help of your support, advising us of new category and sub category requirements. Let us work together on this website and make this website a better place for us all to seek genuine and affordable consultation.

The Advantages of QuestionBrain are:
  1. Learn from experts and their experiences
  2. Chat with experts for first, second and third opinion till you are satisfied
  3. Experts available either online, short or long terms for consultation
  4. Cost effective and reasonably priced to discuss with experts in a virtual room, rather than travel .
  5. several miles to discuss with the same consultant.
  6. Personal meetings can be organized subsequent to first online chat session.

We assure you prompt service, unsatisfied users can express their concerns and we assure you they will be heard, issues addressed if still not satisfied your payment will be refunded.

Experts and consultants can register, to capitalize on their time contributed for online services rather than be tied up at office with location coverage restriction for consultation. At the luxury of your home with a computer you can earn significant amount by contributing to educating people across the globe and benefit financially for your services.

It would be a win-win situation for both Users and experts, by using a website like QuestionBrain the neural center to provide consultancy in all areas of life and business.

Thank you for visiting QuestionBrain, if you need further information and how QB works please visit our Help page.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

The Santanas

CEO Directors
The Management Team
Mr. Francis Santana B.Engg, M.Tech, Mr. Aashish Santana M.Engg Robotics
Mrs. Shanthi Santana B.Engg, M.B.A Mr. Avinash Santana (Medical Student-UK)