Dance is an Art

Dance is an art and a skill,  involving use of the body parts by moving them rhythmically to beats or music. one learn how to dance by attending the dancing schools or watching the well known dance education consultants do their thing.

The various genres of dancing include;

  • ballet
  • theatre
  • ballroom
  • Latin
  • salsa
  • highland
  • freestyle
  • cheer
  • line dancing and
  • hip-hop

Benefits in health and society

  • Improves cardiovascular health as dancing leads to burning up of excess fat and cholesterol; it also leads to ensuring proper blood circulation throughout the whole body
  • Maintenance of a good body weight, size and shape
  • Improvement of bone health due to regular exercising
  • Development of good social skills, enabling one to acquire new friends
  • Improves one’s self confidence as one gets to interact with various people gaining confidence
  • Reduced incidences of idleness
  • Improves motor and cognitive skills in small children
  • Provision of employment opportunities to freelance dancers and also dance teachers

Ranges of consultancy services offered include;
A.    Societies and Dance Awarding Bodies

Under this category the following are offered:

  • establishment and development of safe and effective dancing practices
  • ensuring adherence to ethical teaching and dancing practices
  • coming up with a syllabi for examination and professional teaching qualifications
  • coming up with resources for new style dance teaching
  • provision of seminars to dance teachers on various styles and genres of teaching

B.    Advise to Organizations Offering Health Dance Activities

  • Development of dance health opportunities through collaborations with organizations
  • Exploration of dance for health and dance for art, through holding and organizing seminars
  • Development and training courses, seminars and dance workshops for teachers and other stuff relating to planning, delivering and evaluating health promoting dance activities

C.    Trainee teachers and Dance teachers

  • Having a positive approach dancing in schools of dance
  • Prioritizing observational and analytical skills for dance educators and teachers involved
  • Promotion of practical and theoretical aspects of dance teaching through educational workshops
  • Conducting introductory seminars and workshops for teachers and trainee teachers through introductory of safe dancing practices

Dance in modern society is viewed as a way of relaxing one’s body during leisure and some people pay to watch and learn the best dance moves produced by the dancers. It’s to this effect that some organizations are coming up with programs such as dancing competitions to promote this beautiful art and ensure its continued existence.

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