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Quality of Expert /Consultant

The credentials of consultants are validated based on

1.    Every User's Online review: This is a very important factor, every user of this website's consultancy service
       has the opporunity to rate the consultants at the end of thier online consultation. These user ratings, qualify
       the consultants to be eligible for a relative price for thier service.

2.    Consultants credentials: Every Expert is screened based on thier education and market experience related
       to their category of consultation registered in this website. If the qualification and experience of the experts
       are not related to their category then their request for registration will not be authorized.

3.    Consultants Grace Period:  Every Expert is requested to offer a free consultancy for a grace period of one 
       whole month. During this period the consultant will have to build up credability that will enable him/her to
      quote thier price for their service. Subequent price hikes for the consultants price will be controlled by the
      online feedback and review.

4.    Consultant Rating: Each consultant's review will be reflected when a user requests service and the user
       will be able to make a choice based on the consultant's ratings.

We will ensure, when the user requests for a service filters are applied to shortlist and present the consultants closest to your location based on address provided during registration. So, it is mandatory that you as a registered user keep your records updated on a regular basis to make sure we offer you the best service.

The user on requesting a service and paying for a consultant's service will be allocated chat consultancy facilities with a custom built chat software to enable a real time engagement with the consultants. This chat facility will be available for a period over 2 weeks, the user can use their one hour time slot over the 2 week period.

In addition to the above chat facility, the Buyer/User will be provided with the contact details of the consultant for direct engagement if required. However it is adviced all Buyer/User use this website to avoid any issues that could arise by direct contact with the consutlant.

Whichever comes first the one hour time slot for chat or the two week period, irrespective of the other will end the service purchased by the user. If more consultation is required from the same consultant or additional consultation is required from other consultants even for the same topic will have to be paid to extend service.

If the user has requested for a service from a consultant and the consultant is not available, then the user is allowed to send a note, this will be automatically forwarded to the consultant to his/her email address entered during registration in this website.

If you are not satisfied with the responses provided by the expert, you can review our terms and conditions for refund. We will try to offer you an option to select another expert of your choice if you are not interested we will refund your payment. However you still have the option to provide your feedback for the expert you were not pleased.


If you’re not happy, we will give your money back.