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Users also known as Buyers, on choosing the services of a consultant and payment if not during the grace evaluation period will have the option to choose one of the options 1 hour time slot or two 30 minutes times slots or three 20 minutes time slots. If consultant's service not in grace period, then on successful payment  the buyer  will be presented with the chosen consultant's two week schedule to reserve the preferred time slots.

It is very important the Buyer is available online for the reserved time slot and no notification will be provided for the QuestionBrain appointment. The buyer will be entered into a chat session with the chosen consultant at the reserved time and buyer can have an open chat, share files and also organize a group chat if necessary during the session.

We expect the allocated time of one hour is sufficient for a comprehensive info from the consultant for the desired category.

If the chat session for paid period is exhausted  hgfuiytui7tt67then Buyer will have to make another payment to reserve additional 1 hour time slot with consultant.

If the selected consultant is not up to mark then we will refund your payment or arrange another consultant to met your requirement. Ideally we don't expect a consultant's services to be sub-standard.