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Payment & Billing

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On successful payment, the buyer will be  notified of their successful payment. Subsequent to a successful payment the buyer will be given the availability of the consultant for the next 2 weeks. The user has the option to either select a one hour slot, if the consultant is available, over a two week period, or the user can split the one hour time slot into a maximum of three 20 minute time slots and make reservations on the consultant’s time availability.

If the consultant has no availability over the two weeks an email can be sent to the consultant requesting for any available time slot, clearly requesting either a maximum of three 20 minute sessions or a minimum of a single one hour time slot, for their services along with the users own time and date of availability. The consultant will respond with the availability to the user.

All services will be tracked for consistency and legal purposes. During the consultation period the user will be connected to the consultant over a free chat session and the service will last for an overall of one hour.

If the user wants to extend the services of the consultant, the user will have to go through the process of payment and then select the available time slots from the consultant’s schedule i.e. in other words the above mentioned ordering cycle will have to be repeated.

The prices shown are inclusive of any value added tax or sales tax. Due to circumstances beyond our control, prices may have to be altered up or down, including any alterations to the rate of value added tax or sales tax. The current price will be shown when you place your order. All prices shown are cash prices in US dollars. Prices of services, displayed in and ordered through, the Directory are final and non negotiable for online services.

Prices for short and long term could vary based on the negotiation between the three parties: Admin, user, and consultant and the longevity of the agreed consultation period. Further details can be requested as enquiries that will be directed to the website admin.

Users must inform the website admin with their wish to cancel, in writing via website enquiries found in contact us within a period of 7 working days from their order request of service. If the consultant’s schedule does not show availability during this period of 7 working days then the website admin should be notified via website enquiries or calling up the local office for assistance.

If the user has requested for three 20 minutes time slots then the cancellation should be requested immediately after the first 20 minute time slot and not beyond the subsequent time slots. If you are unhappy with the level of service we assure you a refund, subject the terms and conditions of this website are adhered.
For further information on Cancellation, please refer to the returns policy of this website.

Exceptions to the Returns Policy
Under conditions such as consultants not being available due to unforeseen problems or  if the consultant has opted out of this website’s services then there is no doubt that the User will be refunded the payment or can if they wish to do so select another consultant.

This option to re-select a consultant will be provided when User either forwards request via the website enquiry or by the website admin notifying  you of this possibility.

This exception overrules the 7 working days clause mentioned in the above section.